Excuse the mess with the layout. People log in, use the layout manager, save, then leave the place in a mess. Only once have I come back to this site seeing a better layout than I left. That said, I encourage you to play with my site.

This url is an experimental Flash interface built in pure actionscript (all elements are generated by code). My general purpose website is here. This text box is a HTML parser, it reads content from my HTML pages via a Perl script. In time elements on this site will be updated. Please contact me with your suggestions and criticisms.

Command Keys:

H: Handles, to drag components around by.
L: Layout Control (allows you to alter colours and save layout)
C: Debug Console (disabled when Layout Control is visible)
P: Turn on / off auto-play of images (for debug - touching the image-controls alters this setting)

Where Java applets are detected on the original HTML you can view them on the same page by clicking the link. For example:

To view this content, you need to install Java from

I can be contacted at

Download my CV here

Download the source code