Nitrome Games

Below is a list of games I have worked on as a programmer for Nitrome Ltd.

Teams usually involved one artist and one programmer. Music would be freelanced by our preferred musician. Games used to be made from a brief pitched to a client detailing the basic mechanics. The later clientless game development in contrast involved assembling a team and then brainstorming a mechanic. The management at Nitrome are exceptionally good at coming up with game ideas. They lead the design and ensure standards are met. Teams are then self-managed and sometimes share level design with other staff on larger projects.

Console Games
Gunbrick Reloaded Gunbrick Reloaded
Bomb Chicken Bomb Chicken
Mobile Games
Hop Swap Hop Swap
Rust Bucket Rust Bucket
Green Ninja Green Ninja
Gunbrick SD Gunbrick SD
Flash Games
Turn Undead Turn Undead
Sleepless Pug Sleepless Pug
Flue Coil
Flue Flue
changeType() changeType()
Oodlegobs Oodlegobs
Colourblind Colourblind
Super Stocktake Super Stocktake
Ice Beak Ice Beak
Flightless Demo Flightless Demo
Turnament Turnament
Calamari Calamari
J-J-Jump J-J-Jump
Super Snotput Super Snotput
Gunbrick Gunbrick
Rubble Trouble Moscow Rubble Trouble Moscow
Steamlands Player Pack Steamlands Player Pack
Rubble Trouble Tokyo Rubble Trouble Tokyo
Steamlands Steamlands
Sky Serpents Sky Serpents
Squawk Squawk
Ribbit Ribbit
Blast RPG Blast RPG
Avalanche Avalanche
Rubble Trouble Rubble Trouble
Nebula Nebula
Parasite Parasite
Droplets Droplets
Final Ninja Zero Final Ninja Zero
Mirror Image Mirror Image
Pixel Pop Pixel Pop
Fat Cat Fat Cat
Bomba Bomba
Final Ninja Final Ninja
Knuckleheads Knuckleheads
Snotput Snotput
Magneboy Magneboy
Dirk Valentine Dirk Valentine
Aquanaut Aquanaut
Snow Drift Snow Drift
Headcase Headcase
Off the Rails Off the Rails


Magic Touch Magic Touch
Dangle Dangle